Infinite Email for Lawyers

Anytime access to your email as a lawyer these days is extremely important.

More and more, clients will make initial contact with a lawyer via email. Additionally, the facts, forms and the online filing process gets handled more frequently via email. Simplicity is one of the major factors that makes InfiniteEmail standout. We understand you have hundreds of "things" going on. We also understand how frustrating it can be to struggle with email setup. One phone call and our agent can have your new lawyer email up and running.

Frustration free setup!

Why Lawyers love InfiniteEmail

>Critical emails are constantly available
>Easily access email at home or in the field
This quick communication can make the difference between winning and losing...

As a lawyer, you’ve probably found yourself turning more and more to email for communication with other lawyers and with clients. However, if you’re like most lawyers, your office may lack IT staff who can help you individually. Also, once you leave the office, forgotten emails are inaccessible from the car, a client’s home, or another lawyer’s office.

With InfiniteEmail all of this changes. You have access to your professional lawyer email anytime and anywhere you have computer & internet access. You are no longer stuck when you leave your office.

Professional Image

Whether you are part of a large law office or a sole proprietor running your office out of your home, you need to look professional or your business will not grow. Letterhead and business cards are both important for this professional look. But so is your email address.
> How painful is it to spell out that AOL address of yours?
> Who are you advertising for each time you give that mindspring email address? How professional is that free email address?
With your own custom email address, you constantly market YOU and your professional email address will roll off your tongue.

No IT People Needed

Does your office have any IT folks or is your computer expert the person in the office that knows Wordperfect? Not a problem with InfiniteEmail. No IT people and no equipment are needed for your professional email system. Since you do not need IT people or extra computers to operate your professional email system, you save money and time.

You are Comfortable with your current email.

First, we understand. Second, you'll be comfortable with our professional email, too. We never leave you hanging, if you have trouble, we help out. You will see the power of professional email and how there really is not learning process.

Do you already have a website at one of those free places?

If so, don't fret. We can point your new professional email address to that free website making it look more professional than ever. Even if you are paying one of the big attorney websites to host your website, you may still have a generic address, we can fix that.

Ready for your own website...but not really?

Our answer to this simple hesitation is our Business Card Website. This simple one page site gets you instant web exposure, instant professional appeal and an instant way to prospective clients to contact you. As with everything we do, our Business Card Website is based on simplicity.

Prices / Services

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