Military Email

First, we want to say THANK YOU!
We have a number of former active duty and current Guardsmen in our company. We understand the special needs of the military family.

Thank you for your service to our country.

Every time you PCS you have to get a new email address THEN tell everyone about it.
Infinite Email puts an end to this constant change. From day one, you can have the same email address FOREVER!
Get a Separate email address for everyone in your family for added convenience.
Reduce annoying SPAM.
With our included Web mail, you can check your email while TDY.
If you are using a free email (Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN etc.) service, you are constantly being bombarded with advertising. This will not happen with Infinite Email. Google wants you to use their free email service, too. All you have to do is give up your privacy! They will search through every email you send for key words AND insert advertising. What is Privacy, Security and Convenience worth to you?

Plus, depending where you are, the base may block these sites.

There is even a service called MilMail that has you pay for their service and they still put ads in your email.

Prices / Services

Stop wondering and call us to set up your email account today toll free at 1-877-520-5501.